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Your rights - The New Disclosure Rules

Before concluding a deal on a product or a non-financial SERVICE, the trader if the agreement concluded outside the trader's premises or at a distance, a clear and simple way to give consumers information on the following:

  1. Product or service important properties to an extent corresponding to the medium and to the goods or services have been provided.
  2. The trader's identity and the physical address where the employed persons is established, and any phone, Fax and E-mail address.
  3. Where appropriate, the identity and the physical address of the trader who traded on behalf of.
  4. The physical address of the trader's premises and, where appropriate, the address of the place of business of the trader who traded on behalf of, if it is different from the address given in accordance with point 3 and which forbugeren can complain .
  5. The total price for the goods elelr services have been provided, including taxes, or if the goods or tjensteydelsens nature of that price can not rimlighed be calculated in advance, the manner in which the price is to be calculated, and, where appropriate, all additional freight, delivery or postage and any other costs or, where these charges can not rimlighed be calculated in advance, a statement that may occur such additional costs.
  6. The total expenditure per. settlement period where there is tidsudbestemte agreements or subscription agreements, including the total monthly expenses are paid a fixed amount, or where the total costs can not be calculated in advance, information on how the price should be calculated.
  7. Any costs to the consumer using the distance communication for the conclusion of the contract, if the calculated other than tariff base rate
  8. Terms than would the payment, delivery, performance, the time at which the trader undertakes to deliver the goods or provide services have been provided, and where applicable, the trader practice for handling complaints.
  9. Whether there is a right of withdrawal, and, where appropriate, conditions, time limit and procedures to withdraw referred. §20, as well as the standard withdrawal form set out in Annex 3 of the Act.
  10. Where the right of withdrawal does not apply, see. § 18, paragraph 2 and 3, that consumers will not be able to withdraw.
  11. Where relevant, the circumstances under which the consumer loses his right of withdrawal
  12. Where applicable, the consumer must pay the cost of returning the goods in case of withdrawal and for distance contracts, if the commodity by its nature can not be the return of normal post, the cost of returning the item.
  13. To the consumer by withdrawal from a tjensteydelsesaftale if compliance with the agreement of the consumer utrykkelige request is initiated during the withdrawal period, must pay the trader reasonable costs according to §25 paragraph. 1 and 2.
  14. Buying Act shortage rules may apply.
  15. Where appropriate, after-sale customer assistance and the conditions thereof, after sales service and commercial guarantees.
  16. Relevant Conduct and where appropriate, information on how copies of which can be provided.
  17. Where appropriate, the duration or indeterminate duration or foraftaler be extended automatically, the conditions for canceling the contract.
  18. Where applicable, the minimum duration of the consumer's obligations under the Agreement.
  19. Where applicable, deposits or other financial guarantees, the consumer must pay or provide upon request from the operator and conditions.
  20. Where applicable, the functionality, including applicable technical protection measures for digital content.
  21. Where relevant, the digital content's ability to interoperate with hardware and software, in henhokld to what the trader is aware of or rimlighed should have known.
  22. Where relevant, the possibility for appeal and, where appropriate, the procedures for complaint.


Do they have questions regarding the new Consumer Contracts, they are welcome to contact.