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RO Anlæg

The Ultrafiltration System Ultra is designed to remove mechanical impurities (greater than 0.01 microns) such as: Colloidal Particles; Bacteria; virus; organic macromolecules from municipal and local water supply systems (artesian wells, etc.) Provided they meet the stipulated conditions.

The filtration system utilizes economically beneficial, environmentally friendly and efficient purification technology to remove submicron impurities from water by ultrafiltration. This technology implements the so-called hollow fiber as the basic work element.

Ultrafiltration technology ensures a physical barrier to microbes and suspended particles, to get clean drinking water. Furthermore, the ultrafiltration is utilized in the pretreatment of water from just sources, of seawater as well as of water that went through biological treatment before RO systems and other membrane water purifiers (eg electro dialysis systems).