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Reverse Osmosis HS Series (Seawater)

Omvendt Osmose

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process. RO-Systems uses partially permeable membranes to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water.

In reverse osmosis, applied pressure is used to overcome the osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis can remove many types of dissolved and suspended chemicals as well as biological substances (such as bacteria) from the water.

This system is used in both industrial processes and for the production of drinking water.

Reverse osmosis is best known for its use in purifying drinking water from seawater, removing salt and other materials from the water molecules.

Reverse Osmosis HS-Series is suitable for purifying seawater.

Before buying a Reverse Osmosis system, it is a good idea to calculate how much clean water is needed and then calculate maximum water consumption in one hour twice;
which tells you how big a storage tank to use. Check if there is room for the system including the storage buffer tank (water tank).

RO-HS-0250 - High Salinity Ro (Sea water)
RO-HS-0250 - High Salinity Ro (Sea water)
Item no:AP-RO-HS-0250
EUR 9.854,00EUR 9.854,00
RO-HS-500 - High Salinity RO system
RO-HS-500 - High Salinity RO system
Item no:AP-RO-HS-0500
EUR 16.303,00EUR 16.303,00
RO-HS-1000 - High Salinity RO (Sea water)
RO-HS-1000 - High Salinity RO (Sea water)
Item no:AP-RO-HS-1000
EUR 19.725,00EUR 19.725,00
RO-HS-1500 - High Salinity RO system
RO-HS-1500 - High Salinity RO system
Item no:AP-RO-HS-1500
EUR 21.167,00EUR 21.167,00
RO-HS-2000 - High Salinity RO anlæg
RO-HS-2000 - High Salinity RO anlæg
Item no:AP-RO-HS-2000
EUR 23.621,00EUR 23.621,00


The RO-HS systems allow a uniform production of high quality water from water sources with high salinity. The RO-HS series is equipped with reliable corrosion-resistant components and has a robust space-saving design, long-term operation and easy maintenance. This product line was originally designed for the purification of seawater in the Baltic Sea and is popular in this region for business needs by the sea.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis HS Series:

- Improved water quality.
- Extended life of the membrane.
- Minimal maintenance.
- Space-saving design.
- Quiet operation.
- Reduced operating costs

HS Series Data
ModelRO-HS 500RO-HS 1000RO-HS 1500RO-HS 2000
Permeate Flow, l/h 300 600 1000 1500
Membrane Quantity 2 4 6 8
Max Inlet TDS, ppm 10000
Flush Valve yes
Clean Water Production, l/h 300 600 1000 1500
Power consumption 0,7-1,5 kWt/h pr 1 m3 permeat
System Recovery, % 25% - 85%
Membrane's type 2 x 4040 4 x 4040 6 x 4040 8 x 4040
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz
Reduction of salt content % 95 - 99
Sizing (Inlet, outlet, concentrate) 1" / 3/4" / 3/4" NPT (PB)
Net weight 210 220 225 240
Dimensions, mm 1775 x 1210 x 915 1200 x 860 x 1510