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Reverse Osmosis DI - Rack

Omvendt Osmose

The APRO DI series are water deionization systems in cabinet cabinets that provide a complete solution with water directly from water supply to ultra-pure water. The solution is ideal for all cases where ultra-pure water is required. Deionized water helps maintain product safety and integrity.

Fully automated APRO-100-DI and APRO-500-DI RO systems with advanced drainage system provide a constant ultra-clean water supply.

The APRO-DI series is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and microchip production.

APRO 100-DI Reverse Osmosis Rack
APRO 100-DI Reverse Osmosis Rack
Item no:APRO-100-DI
EUR 7.650,00EUR 7.650,00
APRO 500-DI Rerverse Osmosis Rack
APRO 500-DI Rerverse Osmosis Rack
Item no:APRO-500-DI
EUR 17.030,00EUR 17.030,00

Benefits of the DI Series:

  • A line measuring unit ensures that only high quality water passes to the storage tank
  • A two-stage pre-filtration system for removing mechanical impurities
  • An indicator box measures the diaphragm pressure
  • Water supply monitoring sensors
  • Fully automatic systems
  • Can be controlled via remote control and set via the APRO Monitor App

Technical Specification
Permeate capacity, LPH 100 500
Permeate accumulation tank volume, liters 200 560
Supply pump flow max 3 000 LPH max 3 000 LPH
Supply pressure max 4 bars max 4 bars
Mixed bed ion-exchange resin volume, liters 18 50
Cabinet dimensions, mm 600 x 800 x 1600 600 x 800 x 1600
Accumulation tank, mm build in (100l) 1000 × 750 × 1500 (450l)
Power supply 230 V, 50 hz 230 V, 50 hz
Connection Sizing (inlet, outlet, drainage) 1” / ½” / ½” NPTF 1” / ½” / ½” NPTF