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Reverse Osmosis - Stackable

Innovative modular RO units with varying production speeds can be easily rearranged or reinforced with other units to meet the changing demands of capacity and space. Remote control makes it possible to control the system from any location.

With a booster pump and recirculation pump you save up to 50% power.

Benefits include:

  • Space-saving design
  • Extended life of membranes
  • Low energy consuming booster pump
  • Low operating costs
  • Robust construction
  • Operated with remote control
  • Easy to maintain

You can read a lot more about Reverse Osmosis and what it can do for you here: Reverse Osmosis - What Can It Do for You?

APRO-3000-LPH-SST - Stackable RO anlæg
APRO-3000-LPH-SST - Stackable RO anlæg
Item no:AP-RO-3000-LPH
EUR 25.960,00EUR 25.960,00
APRO-4000-LPH-SST - Stackable RO anlæg
APRO-4000-LPH-SST - Stackable RO anlæg
Item no:AP-RO-4000-LPH
EUR 28.165,00EUR 28.165,00
APRO-6000-LPH-SST - Stackable RO anlæg
APRO-6000-LPH-SST - Stackable RO anlæg
Item no:AP-RO-6000-LPH
EUR 32.185,00EUR 32.185,00

ModelAPRO 3000APRO 4000APRO 6000
Permeable Flow, L/h 3000 4000 6000
Membrane Quantity 3 4 6
Max Inlet TDS, ppm 2000
Production of Clean water, L/h 3000 4000 6000
Reduction of Salt, % Up to 95
System recovery, % Up to 98
Membrane's Type 8 x 40
Power Supply Three-phase 400V, 50Hz
Dimensions, mm 3640x840x1150 2800x840x1150 2800x840x1150
Inlet, Outlet, Concentrate 2" / 1" / 1"
Net Weight, kg 236 287 389