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Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis


Benefits of Water Purification and Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis - Reverse Osmosis (RO) - is a method of filtering water when you need to remove everything. RO technology is thus used to remove viruses, bacteria, pyrogens, salts and much more from the water.

RO technology is thus the most effective method of removing even the smallest impurities in the water.

RO-systemerne er særdeles effektive og fjerner følgende urenheder

RO filtering of Fluoride, Cysts, Bacteria, Viruses, Antibiotics, Hormones and more

For the same reason, RO systems are the best choice if your water quality is to be range 1 to notch.

The water purification systems which can be used by both ordinary households and companies. The RO system's measurements are extremely accurate and are gathered on a single panel. The system uses TDS meters and pressure regulators to monitor performance and service status, respectively. The system's self-service is controlled by the programmable logic controller - PLC.

Ultrafilter can offer the so-called M-series and H-series within the RO system. The M-Series is aimed at ordinary households as well as smaller businesses - for example restaurants.

HP version: RO filtering with High Pressure

HS version: RO filtration of sea water

HC version: RO filter high capacity

The title of the models reflects how much clean water the plant can produce in liters per hour - calculated according to water at 20° C. In general for all RO plants, the capacity decreases by 3% for each ° degree the water rises.

We recommend that you calculate how much clean water you need. You need to calculate your maximum water consumption in one hour. It must be done twice. The calculation will show how big a storage tank you need.

Ultrafilters All-in-one water filtration solution can be easily and effortlessly connected to your water supply. Whether it is industrial applications, commercial kitchens, convection ovens, dishwashers, bar glass washers, ice machines, boilers, water heaters and so on.