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Water Filter Housings


Our water filter housings are available in four different different flows. 14 l/min, 28 l/min, 80 l/min and 150 l/min.

Ultra-Pure Mini is the smallest water filter housing we have. Ultra-pure AQ2 MINI can filter up to 14 l/min, which corresponds to approx. 1 faucet or shower consumption. The mini filter housing is transparent and has brass thread.

Ultra-Pure Slim available in 3 different models. Single, Duplex and Triplex. This filter setup can filter up to 28 l/min, which corresponds to approx. 2 faucets or 2 showers. Slim filter housings are transparent and have brass thread.

Ultra-Pure Jumbo Available in two sizes 80 l/min and up to 150 l/min. It uses filter elements with a larger diameter than the other Ultra-Pure filter housings. Jumbo water filter housings are made of opaque plastic and have plastic threads.

Whichever filter house you choose, choose a filter housing that fits the house and fits the filtering task.

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Filter Housing Flow Number of taps
Ultra-Pure AQ2 Mini 14 l/min 1
Ultra-Pure AQ2 Slim 28 l/min 2
Ultra-Pure Jumbo 10" 80 l/min 5
Ultra-Pure Jumbo 20" 150 l/min 10

If you want to be sure that you get a filter kit that can follow your water consumption, you can calculate it more precisely based on the table below.

ApplicationWater Consumption
Regular Shower 12-16 l/min
Water Saving Shower 6-10 l/min
Regular Tap 12-16 l/min
Water Saving Tap 3-9 l/min
Regular Toilet Bowl 6 l/flush
New/Dual Flush 3 eller 6 l/flush
Older (10 years) washing machine 80-100 l/wash
Newer washing machine 40-80 l/wash
Older dishwasher 20-23 l/wash
Newer dishwasher 13-20 l/wash