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Billede: 2767 EU
Water Filter » UV Disinfection

UV Disinfection


Billede: 2026

An eco-friendly and easily-manageable approach is to irradiate the water with ultraviolet light. UV irradiation is allowed under the regulations on drinking water.


UV light is invisible light with a wavelength of 200 to 400 nm. Light is an electromagnetic wave whose energy is defined by the wavelength. The shorter the wavelength the higher the energy. UV light is split by wavelength UVA.UVB and UVC radiation.


For UVC disinfection, is irradiated with short-wavelength and thus the highest energy. Its wavelength is 200 nm - 280 nm. Maximum efficiency is achieved at a wavelength of 253.7 nm. Since at this point is the absorption of nucleic acid and irradiation of the low pressure UV lamps have a single maximum.

Sabre UV system uses 253.7 nm and is always delivered in 304L stainless steel. The system has external sensors that make it easy to monitor the need for service. 


Radiation triggers a photochemical reaction within the micro-organism's core, which destroys the genetic information. Multiplication of cell division is then impossible, and the microbes die.

Due to this the Spectrum Sabre series is particularly effective against bacteria, viruses, algae, parasites, fungal spores and cysts, as well as other microbiological organisms.


UV disinfection does not pollute the water with chemical wastes, it is completely harmless and causes no smell or taste of the water. Further, the irradiated micro-organisms can not develop any resistance.


Billede: 1717



SABRE UV system - 3,8 l/min

EUR 230,00
Item no:F-SUV-S-4-1/4

SABRE UV system - 7,6 l/min

EUR 355,00
Item no:F-SUV-S-8-1/2

SABRE UV system - 30 l/min

EUR 536,00
Item no:F-SUV-S-30-3/4

SABRE UV system - 57 l/min

EUR 877,00
Item no:F-SUV-S-57-1

SABRE UV system - 132 l/min

EUR 1.705,00
Item no:F-SUV-S-132-2

SABRE UV system - 250 l/min

EUR 3.166,00
Item no:F-SUV-S-250-2