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Water Filter » Ocher, Taste & Odour

Ocher, Taste & Odour

Okker, Smag og Lugt Filter

If you have problems with the taste and smell of its drinking water, an activated charcoal filter can help with the problem.

Our filter kit against ocher, taste and smell consists of three filters. A pre-filter of 5 µm, a 0,5 µm ocher filter and an activated carbon filter.

Ultra-Pure Mini Okker, Smag, Lugt Kit - 14 l/min

EUR 170,00EUR 121,00
Item no:UPM003KIT

Ultra-Pure Okker, Smag, Lugt Filter Kit - 28 l/min

EUR 193,00EUR 141,00
Item no:UP003KIT

Ultra-Pure Jumbo Okker, Smag, Lugt Filter 80 l/min

EUR 475,00EUR 281,00
Item no:UPJ003KIT

Filter Housing Flow Number of taps
Ultra-Pure AQ2 Mini 14 l/min 1
Ultra-Pure AQ2 Slim 28 l/min 2
Ultra-Pure Jumbo 10" 80 l/min 5
Ultra-Pure Jumbo 20" 150 l/min 10

If you want to be sure that you get a filter kit that can follow your water consumption, you can calculate it more precisely based on the table below.

ApplicationWater Consumption
Regular Shower 12-16 l/min
Water Saving Shower 6-10 l/min
Regular Tap 12-16 l/min
Water Saving Tap 3-9 l/min
Regular Toilet Bowl 6 l/flush
New/Dual Flush 3 eller 6 l/flush
Older (10 years) washing machine 80-100 l/wash
Newer washing machine 40-80 l/wash
Older dishwasher 20-23 l/wash
Newer dishwasher 13-20 l/wash