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Water Filter » Filter for micro plastic

Filter for micro plastic

Microplastic in the water is a global problem

Filter mod mikroplast

Microplast is found in sea and drinking water all over the world, and the long-term consequences are difficult to predict. Around 72% of samples from Europe have contained microprocessors greater than 2.5 microns, and it indicates that there are many more fibers in the water than initially assumed.

Today, you measure content and purification by comparing the weight of the water before and after treatment or filtering, but even though this method removes large percentages, the weight is misleading as the smallest particles are not removed and weighs so little that the result does not indicate the potential amount of micro-plastic.

The easiest way to remove microplaster from the water is a physical filtering. For example, made with a micro-plastic filter set. The filter is 2-part with particulate filtering for general impurities, then with a pleated filter against micro-plastic.

One can improve this result with a sterile filter that removes all micro-plastic, as well as a large amount of nanoplastics.

Ultra-Pure Kit: Mikro-Plast - 28 l/min

EUR 115,00EUR 94,00
Item no:UP002KIT-MP

Ultra-Pure Kit: Mikro-Plast+ 18 l/min

EUR 254,00EUR 214,00
Item no:UP002KIT-MP-PLUS

ModelFlowConnectionMicroplastics reduction
Ultra-Pure Micro-Plastic 28 l/min ¾" 99% >80%
Ultra-Pure Micro-Plastic+ 18 l/min ¾" 99,9% >98%