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Billede: 2767 EU

Aqua-Pure AP100 Series AP110 & AP124 & AP117

AP110, AP124 and AP117

Aqua Pure water filters give you the security of optimum water quality for drinking water (which is fresh and tasty) or heating, cooling, and industrial plants that optimizes operations.

Filters with graduleret fineness gives about Three times longer than ugraduerede filters, these are supplied as standard with white cellulose filter fineness of 5 microns / my (is = 0.005 mm) max. temperature 38 ° C for inclusion of impurities in the water, etc.


Aqua-Pure water filters can remove:

• Iron and ocher (giving reddish brown water)

• Manganese (gray-black water)

• Hydrogen sulphide (the cause of smelly water and bad taste)

• Other gases

• Chlorine


According to 3M (CUNO), which is one of the world's largest manufacturer of water filtration systems, water and water treatment / purification systems, replace cartridge every 6 months or more frequently if increased pressure loss is observed.


Element AP110 AP124 AP117
Filtration rate 5 my 50 my Activated Carbon
Max. Temp. 77°C 77°C 37°C
Taste & odor    





Brand:Aqua Pure 110 serie

Aqua-Pure AP110 filter - 28 l/min - 5,00 µm

EUR 13,00
Item no:E-7000104683
Brand:Aqua Pure 110 serie

Aqua pure: AP124 filter - 30,3 l/min - 50 µm

EUR 13,00
Item no:E-70-0201-6287-4
Brand:Aqua Pure 110 serie

Aqua pure: AP117 aktiv kulfilter 12 l/min 5,00 µm

EUR 27,00
Item no:E-70020146323