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Ultrafilter reintroduces painted compressed air vessels

Billede: 2631

For a long time, we have sold galvanized vessels at the same price as our original painted vessel, because we felt the difference in price was very little, and to promote the durability and service life of these vessels. But now we present a strong price on painted vessels for 11 to 16 bar systems.

If you don’t need a galvanized surface for outside placement or other reasons, it maybe worth considering a painted a vessel which is significantly lower investment than most other alternatives for compressed air storage, and the prices are as low as 40% below the galvanized version.
Our painted vessels are all manufactured in EU and approved by PED 97/23/EC. We can help you pick the right size from the flow or power of your compressor. Among the optional accessories for vessels are sterile ventilation filters and we deliver all painted vessels including a “tank kit” with safety valve, pressure gauge and more. At your request, we can also offer zero-loss valves to contain your compressed air in vessels between production cycles.

See our product range of compressed air vessels and notice the strong prices on painted vessels, all reduced by up to 40% from march 1, 2017 and permanently onward.
You can buy our compressed air vessels directly on our webshop or contact us today on e-mail info@ultra-filter.com or phone +45 82 30 30 20