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Sustainable Development Goal


For a long time, Ultrafilter Scandinavia has wanted to more actively follow some of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We all have a shared responsibility to make the world a greener place to live in.

Achieving this does not happen overnight, but is a journey that will take us in the right direction; we believe we can accomplish success together.

Ultrafilter Scandinavia  focuses on the three following Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation

Sustainable Development Goal 7 – Sustainable energy

Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable Development Goals are where great efforts can be made, both within our own company – and also outside of the company’s own walls. Initially, we’ll focus on what we can do to improve our own consumption and then we will slowly shift our focus to the outside world to see whether we can do something to help there.  

Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation:

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Since Ultrafilter Scandinavia  is in the filtration industry, it is ideal to strive to get better and cleaner drinking water – not only for ourselves on our own premises, but naturally to also spread the message to current and potential customers. 

Therefore, we have already completed some installations in the company building to improve our own water quality; this also gives us the opportunity to show a product in operation if a need for this should occur.

At the building’s water entry, filtration for removal of both pesticides and ochre is installed. We can clearly see they being filtrated out due to the red-orange colour of the ochre. The water in Denmark is generally considered to be very clean – but you can almost never be certain because the pipes can transfer ochre into the water.  

In addition to this pre-filtration, we have a softening system that reduces or completely removes the limescale - which is very beneficial to fixtures in sinks, dishwashers, and refrigerators with water and ice dispensers. Here, the greatly reduced limescale significantly decreases the need for descaler and cleaning products.  

What can we do beyond what we are already doing?

  • We can consider collecting rainwater and using it for other purposes.
  • We can look towards countries that do not have access to clean drinking water and thus support them either financially or with products that could help them get cleaner and healthier drinking water.

Sustainable Development Goal 7 – Sustainable energy:

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Ultrafilter Scandinavia is working towards reducing electricity use, and it should preferably be from a greener source than the electricity we currently use.  

The first step in meeting this goal has already been initiated in a few places on the property, where we have installed sensors in some our warehouses to have light only when motion is detected – and for a short time afterwards.

What can we do beyond what we are already doing?

There are some economical and simple measures we can take to reduce electricity use.

  • Filter-Online has – as mentioned – already installed some sensors. We can make sure to install sensors in other areas of the buildings e.g., hallways, the canteen, and bathrooms, as well as in all warehouses. Of course, the light sources connected to the sensors need to be replaced by energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Another and much simpler thing we can do is turn off both computers and screens after work.
  • The big project for transitioning to greener energy would be to install solar panels on the roof of the building. That would make the company self-sufficient and thus independent of outside electricity.
  • Replace gas heating with district heating.

Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production:

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As Ultrafilter Scandinavia runs a webshop, it sends out a lot of orders on a daily basis – which means that we use a lot of packaging in the form of cardboard boxes, paper/cardboard/plastic filling, and tape.

Until recently – we have not thought that much about the entire situation regarding responsible consumption. Not that we did not recycle, but there was not much structure in the way we did this – i.e., no guideline.

In the past, we recycled e.g., plastic filling from our suppliers and the rest was put into our two cardboard dumpsters – which were quickly filled after only a week or so.

For Ultrafilter Scandinavia, the basic idea of Sustainable Development Goal 12 is to reduce the amount of packaging in general. 

What can we do beyond what we are already doing?

  • We can reuse all cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic filling that we receive from our suppliers. We have already prepared our warehouse and have done it for a short period – with great success. Of course, it helps that we have employees who care about the project. Recycled boxes are placed together at the front of a shelving system so they will be used first.
  • If we receive a damaged box from a supplier, we can cut it into smaller pieces and use it as filling in our shipments.
  • We want to exclusively use recycled boxes – but we probably cannot avoid having to buy cardboard boxes from time to time. When this is done, there will be more focus on the sizes with measurements that fit the most common products. This way, we use less box filling as there will be less wasted space when the box is better fitted to the product.

By recycling in this way, it may happen that a customer receives a shipment containing two or three types of filling as we use whatever we have lying around. Of course, we must relay why this is so and, at the same time, we can encourage our customers to recycle both cardboard and filling for their own shipments. This way, we save on multiple levels and therefore, it does not stop with us.

We will be able to measure results in two ways.

  1. We can visually measure the result by looking at the cardboard dumpster. If it is full, we have not done our job well enough, and if it is empty, we have worked to reach the goal.
  2. We will also be able to measure it financially. More recycling means fewer purchases of new packaging.

The active effort:

In order for Ultrafilter Scandinavia to get off to a good start with all initiatives requires a lot of effort from the employees. It does not take more than one person to go off course. Thus, it is important that everyone is a part of the team and makes a joint effort for us to move in the right direction.

We are fortunate to have dedicated employees who also care about consumption and the environment so we can handle this project as a team.

We will periodically provide small updates on how the new initiatives are progressing – perhaps with inspiration for you and your company.