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Sanitary Housing PS-AIR (code7)


PS-AIR stainless steels have been developed for the purification of compressed air and other technical gases in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.

PS-AIR houses are "first choice" in critical applications in sterile filtration.

See the table at the bottom of the page for specifications on each filter housings.

- Chemical Industry
- Aseptic packaging
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Biotechnology
- Cosmetics Industry Association
- Breweries
- Dairies
- Food and drinks
- Water treatment systems
- Fermentation processes

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Features and benefits:
- 14 different sizes of the operating amounts of from 7.5 to 2700 Nm3 / h related to 7 bar.
- Complies with EU Directive 97/23 / EG for pressure vessels.
- Connector guarantees that the items will remain securely fastened at all times.
- Various elements sizes can be installed due to its modular design.
- Condensate drain and venting is equipped with pharma valves.