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Junior filter system

Billede: junior-filter-grp

Junior Housings with ½“ in- and outlet are made of stainless steel.

The three-piece construction consists of filter head, lower part and v-clamp to close the housing. The filter head features a special connecting
extrusion on which the Junior element adapter with internal o-ring can be attached. The lower parts of the Junior housings can be delivered
to accommodate Junior element type 62.5 L in the corresponding two lengths.

The small diameter and the small construction height result in a small filling volume.


AIR PT-FE Junior - 2,5" - 0,2µm - 10m³/h
AIR PT-FE Junior - 2,5" - 0,2µm - 10m³/h
Item no:UMJ25PTFE020J
EUR 103,00EUR 103,00
AIR PT-FE Junior - 5" - 0,2µm - 20m³/h
AIR PT-FE Junior - 5" - 0,2µm - 20m³/h
Item no:UMJ50PTFE020J
EUR 109,00EUR 109,00
Junior Housing ½" BSP - Standard Clamp
Junior Housing ½" BSP - Standard Clamp
EUR 836,00EUR 836,00
Junior Housing  1" Tri-Clamp - Bolted Clamp
Junior Housing 1" Tri-Clamp - Bolted Clamp
EUR 1.540,00EUR 1.540,00

Ultra-Mem PF-PT Junior cartridges are manufactured using a highly hydrophobic ePTFE membrane and are designed for retrofitting into existing Junior-style housings. The improved ePTFE membrane provides exceptionally high gas flow at low pressure differences.

Junior range is available in two formats: J-style, a single open element with a single internal o-ring on the downstream end cap and S-style, a single open element incorporates an integrated flange on the downstream end cap.

PF-PT Junior cartridges are recommended for small sterile gas filtration and venting applications. The hydrophobic properties of the ePTFE membrane make the PF-PT Junior filter cartridge particularly suitable for wet gas sterilization applications, such as smaller fermentor feed air.

For small solvents and aggressive chemical filtration applications, PF-PT Junior cartridges offer a wide range of chemical compatibility with high thermal stability. Suitable for the most demanding microfiltration membrane applications, the cartridges can be used for small scale filtration of aggressive chemical solutions including acids, alkalis, solvents and etchants.

Ultra-Mem PF-PT Juniors can be used in upscaling bench-top trials and pilot plant evaluations to confirm suitability in new process applications.

Model Diameter Length Inlet/Outlet Installable filter media
2.5 56mm 76mm 1/2" PPA, PES, PTFE, MS
5 56mm 138mm 1/2" PPA, PES, PTFE, MS

Technical data for Junior Filter Housing
Material Stainless Steel 316
Flow 10/20  m3/h
Max Pressure 10 bar
Temperature: Max 95°C (EPDM)
Inlet/Outlet 1/2"
Size 2.5" - 5"