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Measuring Equipment

It is important to check if the compressed air system working properly by measuring the dew point and flow.

Any leaks can be located with our leakage measurement equipment. Analysis and monitoring of compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, etc., can provide you with optimal performance and safety. When calibrating the measuring equipment, you will be given a certificate, showing that the equipment meets the increasing demands.

We recommend an annual calibration of your dew point meters and flow meters.

Ultrafilter Scandinavia has several different solutions for measuring dew point, flow and vacuum. If you are in doubt about which solution is suitable for your application, contact us on +45 82 30 30 20 or info@ultra-filter.com

Dewpoint Measuring

The humidity in the compressed air by adsorption dryers, membrane dryers or refrigerating dryers can be measured accurately down to -80 degrees C.

Flow Measuring

A flow measurer is easy to install and is available in multiple piping dimensions. On the keyboard you can select the desired measuring unit, among these; m3/h, m3/min., l/min., l/s, kg/h, kg/min., kg/s and cfm