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Water softener Smartflow


Ultrafilters Smartflow water softener is built to make everyday life easier for the end consumer, whether it is for an ordinary household or it is a company within e.g. the restaurant industry. Common to both of them is that you want to avoid as much lime as possible. It will extend the life of equipment such as coffeemachines, espressomachines, washingmachines and dishwashers. In addition, you avoid limescale coatings on tiles and tiles, among other things.

Not only does a softening system significantly reduce lime in the water, our softening system is flow-controlled in connection with re-generation, which means that re-generation is only possible depending on how much water is filtered.

Our softening system is drinking water approved: RISE C900037

Smartflow 125 - Water Softener - 1,8 m3 (B)
Smartflow 125 - Water Softener - 1,8 m3 (B)
Item no:SOFTBLACK-125
EUR 1.179,00EUR 1.179,00
Smartflow 250 (SB)
Smartflow 250 (SB)
Item no:SOFT-KIT-S-250
EUR 1.501,00EUR 1.501,00

Function description:

As the raw water passes through the resin, calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions and the plant provides soft water. The plant is regenerated with salt tablets, and the time of regeneration is determined on the basis of water consumption. Smartflow's system has a control unit that determines that the system regenerates e.g. at 02.00 at night when there is no consumption. The capacity per regeneration depends on the actual hardness.

Savings with Smartflow:

There are several savings with Smartflow. First and foremost, machines and plumbing installations last a long time, which keeps the cost of these down. In addition, Smartflow is very economical in terms of electricity, water and salt consumption.

Advantages of Smartflow softener:

- Drinking water approved - RISE C900037.
- Flow controlled system.
- Low salt consumption per. regeneration.
- Low water consumption per. regeneration.

Technical Data

Smartflow 125 250
Bypass 3/4" 3/4"
Operating temperature 3°C - 40°C 3°C - 40°C
Power req 230v/12v 230v/12v
Low Salt Alarm Yes Yes
WxDxH 29 x 48 x 67 cm 29 x 48 x 113 cm
Resin 11L 22L
Salt Capacity 35kg 75kg
Max. Flow rate 25 - 35 l/min 25 - 35 l/min
Weight 25kg 40kg