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UV Disinfection

UV Disinfection

If a UV system trusted to remove dangerous microorganisms is not working even for a short period of time it can have severe consequences. Ultraaqua UV systems are much more than UV lamps in a reactor and a power supply because they are robust, reliable, energy-efficient and long-lasting.

It is not enough to have a high-quality UV lamp; it is also necessary for the lamp to be efficient in all normal working temperatures. Our Ultratherm lamps have a special filling that extends their optimum temperature range of 5°C to 40°C.

Our Ultratherm lamp drivers are sophisticated electronic high-frequency units customized to run the Ultratherm lamps. The lamp drivers are constantly receiving feedback from the lamps and are dynamically adapting to ensure optimum performance under changing operating temperatures.

Easy control and access to relevant information about system status are equally important. The current status of an Ultraaqua UV system can be established by a quick glimpse of the front panel. The unit’s touchscreen will reveal all other relevant system parameters. Our systems can also be connected to a SCADA control system.

MonoRay 1-75 PP - 8 m3/h - 1½" BSP

EUR 1.115,00
Item no:UA-22050

MonoRay 1-75 SS - 10 m3/h - 1½" BSP

EUR 1.540,00
Item no:UA-21080

MonoRay 1-220 PP - 35 m³/h - DN80

EUR 3.080,00
Item no:UA-22110

MonoRay 1-220 SS - 37 m³/h - DN80

EUR 4.130,00
Item no:UA-21110

MonoRay 1-350 PP - 53 m³/h - DN100

EUR 4.760,00
Item no:UA-22210

MonoRay 1-350 SS - 58 m³/h - DN100

EUR 6.161,00
Item no:UA-21210

Type Flow rate
Connection Power Material
MonoRay 1-75 PP 8 1½" BSP 0,08 kW Polypropylene
MonoRay 1-75 SS 10 1½" BSP 0,08 kW SS 316L
MonoRay 1-220 PP 35 DN80 0,25 kW Polypropylene
MonoRay 1-220 SS 38 DN80 0,25 kW SS 316L
MonoRay 1-350 PP 53 DN100 0,4 kW Polypropylene
MonoRay 1-350 SS 58 DN100 0,4 kW SS 316L
MonoRay 1-440 PP 62 DN100 0,5 kW Polypropylene
MonoRay 1-440 SS 68 DN100 0,5 kW SS 316L
MonoRay 3-220 PP 100 DN125 0,75 kW Polypropylene
MonoRay 3-220 SS 110 DN125 0,75 kW SS 316L
MonoRay 4-220 PP 130 DN150 1,0 kW Polypropylene
MonoRay 4-220 SS 150 DN150 1,0 kW SS 316L
MonoRay 4-350 PP 210 DN150 1,5 kW Polypropylene
MonoRay 4-350 SS 240 DN150 1,5 kW SS 316L