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Multi Cartridge Housings

Multi Cartridge Filter Housing

Ultrafilter offers a variety of multi cartridge filter housings. Among these are; 3M DS Filter Housing - DOE connection, FWK Filter Housing - DOE connection, ME Filter Housing - Code 7 connection and a Sanitary Filter Housing - Code 7 connection.

3M Cuno DS Filter Housing

DS Series Cartridge Filter Housings, constructed of durable stainless steel, meet general-purpose industrial, chemical, commercial and some food & beverage filtration needs. All wetted surfaces are 316L stainless steel. Other party (V-band clamp, feet mountings, etc.) supplied in 304 stainless steel or similar. DS filter housings are electro-polished for an easy-care finish.

FWK Filter Housing - DOE

The filter housing type FWK-A4 are welded stainless steel constructions to install 5 or 7 double open-end filter cartridges. Alternatively filter cartridges with 222-adaptor (Code 8) can be used. They consist of a cylindrical vessel with welded boiler dished head. The casted lid is hinged and sealed by an O-ring and closed by eye-bolts. The inlet (N1) is located sidewise to the shell, the outlet (N2) on the opposite side above the lower boiler dished head. The filter cartridge of the type DOE tight on cutting edge with spring adaptor, the adapter 222-cartridge on a double O-ring. The filter cartridges are passed through from the outside to the inside.

ME Filter Housing - Code 7

Ultrafilters ME filter housing is a high-quality filter housing for multiple cartridge filters. Because the filter housing is available with a code 7 connection, you can say that it is a combination between an industrial and a sanitary filter housing. It is perfect for applications where a high efficiency safety is necessary from the Code 7 connection.

Sanitary Filter Housing - Code 7

PF-EG stainless steel filter housing was developed for cleaning of beverages, like beer, soft drinks, mineral water and other water products with many uses. The PF-EG housing is the best choice in critical application in sterile filtration.