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Porvair Vinofil

Membrane for beverages

Porvair Vinofil is a membrane filter specially designed for filtration of beverages.

The Porvair Vinofil 0,45 micron rated filter removes yeastsand moulds including the smallest spoilage bacteriasuch as Oenococcus oeni. The Vinofil 0,65 micronrated filter removes contaminating yeast, moulds,and spoilage bacteria from beverages. The Vinofil 0,2 micron rated cartridges provide sterile filtration for bottled water and other beverage grade waterapplications.

Porvair Vinofil cartridges are validated for bacterialremoval according to HIMA guidelines and ASTMF838-05, with a log reduction value >7. They aretherefore suitable for applications requiring sterilising grade filtration.