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Billede: 2767 EU
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Glass Fiber Cartridge


Ultra-Pleat GP-M cartridges provide absolute filtration where reproducibility and consistency of performance is critical. Suitable for the filtration of aqueous and organic liquids can Ultra-Pleat GP-M cartridges to be used as pre-filters or final filters in the following applications:


Food and drinks

The clarification of beer, wine and spirits for a clear and bright finish, without affecting the taste. It is an ideal pre-filter to protect the membranes used for cold sterilization.


Process Water Systems

The filtration of process water system for the removal of general soiling and resin fines. The native zeta-potential of the glass fiber in aqueous solutions makes Ultra-Pleat GP-M ideal filter to remove submicron particles.


Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing

The excellent dirt holding capacity of Ultra-Pleat GP-M makes it an ideal choice for pre-filtering of complex biological fluids (eg cell culture media).


Fine chemicals

Filtering high chemicals, including solvents, reagents, photographic emulsions, inks and paints.



The clarification of process water and intermediates for the finished product.




Size Flow
l/min m3/h
5" 10 0,6
9¾", 9?", 10" 20 1,2
19½", 20" 40 2,4
29¼", 30" 60 3,6
39", 40" 80 4,8










Features and benefits:


Ultra-Pleat GP-M cartridges

The selection of the latest and most advanced glass fiber media has resulted in a robust filter cartridge with high dirt holding capacity and excellent chemical compatibility.


High filtration area

Ultra-Pleat GP-M cartridges have a large surface area for low clean pressure drop.


Guaranteret filtration

Ultra-Pleat GP-M cartridges are validated with the industry standerten OSU-F2 single pass test for Beta 5000 (99.98% efficiency).


Zeta potential

Ultra-Pleat GP-M cartridges show a natural positive electrostatic charge when used in aqueous solutions. This results in improved removal of submicron particles, that is less than the designated micron rating.


Controlled production environment

Ultra-Pleat GP-M cartridges are manufactured in an ISO cleanroom environment by fully gowned staff, minimizing the risk of contamination.


Suitable for steam and hot water sanitisation

Ultra-Pleat GP-M cartridges are resistant to repeated steam sterilization up to 130 ° C (266 ° F) and hot water cycles at 90 ° C (194 ° F).


Gaskets and O-rings

Ethylene propylene, PTFE encapsulated, silicone, nitrile or polypropylene felt.