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DK NO SE FI Billede: 2767 PL EU

Pleated Filters

Billede: 2041

Absolute filter ensure filtration with 99.9% certainty final filtration or pre-filter membrane filter.


Ultra-Pleat GP-M food grade filter with a steady performance, high capacity with low differential pressure. GP-M is made of glass fiber.


Ultra-Pleat PP100 is an effective filter that can be used for almost all types of applications. PP100 is made of polypropylene.


Ultra-Pleat PP-K is recommended for applications where there is a big difference between the particle sizes, for example. pre-filtration. PP-K is made of polypropylene.


Betafine from 3M with a filtration rate of 0.2 microns, which is FDA / EC approved an economical choice for a variety of applications where you want a sterile filter is available in a variety of industrial standard lengths of 10 ", 20", 30 ", 40 ".


Use the chart below to find out what type of filter that fits your application




 Type Materiale   Filtreringsgrad Pharmaceuticals and bioprocessing Foods and beverages Process water system Fine chemicals Cosmetics Inks and coatings
GP-M Glass fibre 0,5 - 5,0 µm    
PP100 Polypropylene 0,5 - 40 µm
PP-K Polypropylene 0,5 - 40 µm  
Betafine XL Polypropylene 0,2 - 70 µm  


Cartridge Dimensions (Nominal)


Diameter: 70mm (2.8")  
Length: 1 module (Short): 125mm (5")
  1 modules: 254 mm (10")
    508 mm (20")
  2 modules: 792 mm (30")
    1016 mm (40")