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Membrane For Water Filtration


Billede: 2464

Ultra-Mem PF-AQUA membrane is a single layer cartridge filter made from polyethersulfone.

Ultra-Mem PF-AQUA cartridges exploit the narrow pore size distribution and high void volume of the media to provide a choice of cartridges capable of meeting the requirements of most applications. Careful media selection ensures that Ultra-Mem PF-AQUA cartridges are suited to retention down to 0.2 micron ratings. Ultra-Mem PF-AQUA cartridges offer high flux rates and low differential pressures, a feature common to polyethersulfone membranes.

Ultra-Mem PF-AQUA cartridges benefit from the low non-specific protein binding characteristics of polyethersulfone membranes. They are also resistant to steam sterilisation and have excellent chemical compatibility characteristics. Furthermore, since they will not hydrolyse, Ultra-Mem PF-AQUA cartridges are ideal for use in ultra pure water supply systems (18MΩ.cm).

As a consequence Ultra-Mem PF-AQUA cartridges provide a combination of features and benefits not hitherto available from cartridges based on PVDF, nylon, mixed esters of cellulose or polysulfone membranes. They are suitable for applications ranging from bioburden reduction and the clarification of a wide range of process liquids and end products.