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Lenticular Filter P-DC

Disc filter

Lenticular filtration is the optimal choice if you need to filter a liquid within the food industry. Using this method, you remove all turbidity in the liquid.

The filter is composed of i.a. cellulose and a resin system that supplies a positive charge to the filter medium, which then aids its adsorption of negatively charged pollutants.

Filter and housing available in 8 ", 12" and 16 "


The filter is, as mentioned, optimal for removing impurities in liquids, so you end up with a very clear result.

Entire setup incl. filter housing and filter can i.a. is used for the following:

Beverages:                   Wine, Beer, Juice, Soft Drinks and Cider
Distilled beverages:     Everything in spirits - Vodka, Cognac etc.
Foods:                          Syrup, Soup, Vinegar, Oil and Syrup.

Furthermore, the filter can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry and for fine chemicals


Features and benefits:

- Depth filtration media designed to retain contaminants by mechanical capture and electrokinetic adsorption.
- High pollution capacity for economical filtration and reliable particle reduction.
- Disposable capsule and cartridge modules.
- Reduced working hours in connection with filter replacement, but also in connection with cleaning.

Technical data for Lentical Filter
µm: Ranging from 0,04 µm to 60 µm
Particle remove: 99,99%
Size: 8", 12" and 16"
Temperature: Max 82°C
Pressure: 2,4 bar
Material: Silicone, EPDM, NBR
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