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Junior Cartridge Filter

Junior Filter

When compressed air after liquid is used as a catalyst in a mixing process, or used as instrument air, ingredient or many other applications where particle control must be top notch, a junior filter is a simple, efficient and cost-effective alternative to other filters. The filters take up very little space, are typically supplied with membranes or absolute filters, and can be supplied in a sanitary version, which makes cleaning extra easy.

The installation size of the filter housing is one of the smallest on the market, and this makes the filter suitable for installation in machines, as well as with limited space.

This versatile filter is available in stainless steel, polypropylene and PVDC plastic. All 3 materials can be supplied with threaded or clamp connection, providing abundant applications in sterile or sanitary situations, as well as ultrapure water filtration, solvents and electronics, or even paints, inks and coatings.

PF-PES Junior cartridges are suitable for sub-micron filtration of a wide range of process fluids for applications where the properties of a natural hydrophilic membrane are required.

Typical applications include:

Biopharmaceutical products on a small scale

For sub-micron filtration of ingredients, intermediates, dyes and final products, including sterilization.

clarification and reduction of the bioburden.

Ophthalmic solutions Shelf life is ensured by non-removal of preservatives such as Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK).

Small scale fine chemicals

For clarification and sterilization of a wide range of process chemicals

Electronics and semiconductors

The sub-micron filtration of process water and chemicals, including solvents, developers and photoresists. Applications typically include central water treatment and critical 'wet bench' application site filtration

Pilot studies For upscaling and optimization of sterile processes.

Point-of-use Water supply

For the supply of sterile water to points of use, such as hospitals.

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