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Inline Filter (MESH)


A basket filter is a filter housing with built-in stainless steel filter basket. This design allows the filter to handle large flow.

High flow filtration tasks doesn’t always require specially pleated elements, and for some, the capacity of bag filters are not enough.

This is where an in-line mesh filter housing SF-IL excels, as the sturdy 304 stainless steel filter housing, is supplied with a stainless steel mesh filter basket, that may be removed for cleaning and reuse. The filter housing is constructed with inlet and outlet opposite, to allow inline installation.

The basket is designed to hold large amounts of dirt or particles, and may be cleaned for continuous use. This combination of a metal surface filter, with the dirt holding capacity of filter bags, allow for a longer use than most other high flow filters. The filter comes in a standard range of filtration degrees from 50µm to 1000µm, and the mesh filter has a double layer, to assure the efficiency of the filtration.

In addition to our inline filter, we have a basket filter specially designed for use with tank wagons. The SF-TW basket filter is portable and can be used when emptying or refilling your tanker to protect against unwanted particles.

Need a more durable solution for your filtering? Then mesh filtering is the right solution. Read about it here