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P-SM Code 7


Before and final absolute filter with the retention rate for particulate removal from ageous solutions, water and other liquids, and gases.
Mesh P-SM consists of a regenerable stainless steel mesh with stainless steel (316L) outer guard and end caps. The withdrawal rate ranging from 1 to 250 microns.


Features and Benefits

• Mesh P-SM offers a particularly economical for and end filtration
• Regeneration of stainless steel mesh with an ultrasonic bath or back flush
• Welded contact points, guaranteeing a constant pore diameter, even under extreme operating conditions
• Also suitable for high viscosity fluids
• Resist a pressure differential of up to 5 bar (flow from outside to inside)
• Suitable for operating temperatures up to 200°C



Particle removal from: water filtration - chemicals - solvents - biological fluids - pharmacy - cosmetics - oil - food and drinks - syrup - collants - compressed air and other gases