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Single Cartridge Housings

Single Cartridge Filter Housing

Ultrafilter offers a variety of single cartridge filter houses. The three different kind that Ultrafilter offers are; 1FUC - DOE connection, 1FUCB - Code 7 connection and a sanitary PF-EG - Code 7 connection.

Ultrafilter Filter Housing SK - 5" SS304, DOE

EUR 329,00
Item no:FU-1754302025

Ultrafilter Filter Housing SK - 10" SS304, DOE

EUR 340,00
Item no:FU-1754312025

Ultrafilter Filter Housing SK - 20" SS304, DOE

EUR 427,00
Item no:FU-1754322025

Ultrafilter Filter Housing SK - 10" SS316, Code 7

EUR 470,00
Item no:FU-1754812025

Ultrafilter Filter Housing SK - 20" SS316, Code 7

EUR 554,00
Item no:FU-1754822025

Ultrafilter Filter Housing SK - 30" SS304, DOE

EUR 566,00
Item no:FU-1754332025

Model Flow rate
l/min (m3/h)
Max. Temp. Connection Element connection
FU / FUC / FUCB 10" 25 (1,5) 90°C 1" DOE / P7
FU / FUC / FUCB 20" 50 (3,0) 90°C 1" DOE / P7
FU / FUC / FUCB 30" 75 (4,5) 90°C 1" DOE / P7

1FUC Filter Housing - DOE

The filter housings from 1FUC series cartridge filter housings to suit cartridges with DOE connection or adapter cartridges (Code 8). 4 housings are available in different sizes, respectively, to the 5 ", 10", 20 "and 30" filter cartridges.

1FUC filter housings are made of stainless steel SS304 or SS316.

1FUCB Filter housing - Code 7

1FUCB series is a series of filter housings which makes it possible to mount the cartridge filters with bayonet connection (Code 7). The filter housings are available in 10 ", 20" and 30 "filter cartridges.

The filter housings series made of stainless steel (SS316).

Sanitary Filter Housing - Code 7

PF-EG stainless steel filter housing was developed for cleaning of beverages, like beer, soft drinks, mineral water and other water products with many uses. The PF-EG housing is the best choice in critical application in sterile filtration.

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