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Depth filter1-100 µm


Depth filter cartridges are often melt blown filter elements in polypropylene or resin, where the element is constructed porous with filtration spores of a different size, down to the inner layer, that is not bigger than the filtration grade of the depth filter cartridge.

Depth filters are used for both small and higher flows, with a high efficiency (90%) and can be used in both the food and beverage industry and for process filtration, as well as filtration of aggressive liquids.

Ultra-Depth PP-TF is a depth filter in polypropylene with a very wide area of use and is approved for the food and beverage industry. The filtration grade is from 1µm to 75µm and a max temperature of 80°C.

Ultra-Depth RB is a depth filter for assignments in process filtration and for aggressive liquids. RB is often used when talking about liquids above 80°C, that does not come into contact with food or beverage. The filtration grade is from 1-150µ and a max temperature of 120 °C.

Ultra-Wound is a spun filter with a core of stainless steel. The filter has a high heat resistance. Filtration grades from 1-150µ and a max temperature of 120 °C.

Type Ultra-Depth PP-TF Ultra-Depth RB Ultra-Wound
Material Polypropylene Resin Cotton
Filtration Rates 1 µm to 100 µm 1 µm to 150 µm 1 µm to 150 µm
Maximum operating temperature 80°C 120°C 120°C
Food & Beverages