Cartridge filter


At Ultrafilter we have a large selection of filter cartridges, of different sizes, types & purposes.

We cover all types of applications with our cartridge filters, ranging from liquid with chemicals that do not require certificates, to food-liquids with all certificates.

We offer cartridge filters made of polypropylene, nylon, cotton, fiberglass & stainless steel mesh with our two standard connections, which are CODE 7 and DOE.

Are you in doubt about which size filter to use? Then you can read this guide

Depth filter: Depth filters are cheap and disposable. They are most often nominel rated filters with a high retention efficiency. They provide a good balance between dirt holding capacity and flow rate, and are used in all industries as pre-filters and sometimes as the primary filters. Depth filters are both melt-blown, spun, sintered and wounded filters.

Pleated filters: Pleated filters are often manufactured with an absolute retention rate and provide finer filtration degrees than depth filters or filter bags. The filters are usually primary filters, or often prefilters to membrane filters. Pleated filters allow good flow capacities at low differential pressures and can often be backwashed and sterilized for several uses.

Membrane filter: Membrane filters always have absolute retention rates to a much higher degree than pleated or depth filters. They are mostly used for sterile filtration, bacterial reduction or even finer filtration degrees. They offer the highest quality endfiltration at a low differential pressure. Most membranes can be backwashed and sterilized for several uses.

Mesh filter: A filter element in stainless steel can be used where the application needs an exceptionally durable filter, or where change out is so difficult, the filter must be optimized for the maximum number of backwashes and sterilizations. These filters are mostly used as a primary filter, or as assurance filter.

TypeUltra-Depth PP-TFUltra-Depth RBUltra WoundUltra-Pleat PPPUltra-Pleat PPGUltra-Mem PESFUltra-CarbonMesh P-SM DOEMesh P-SM code7
Material Polypropylene Resin Cotton Polypropylene Galss fiber Polyethersulphone Active Carbon SS-316L SS-316L
Filtration Rates 1 µm to 100 µm 1 µm to 150 µm 1 µm to 150 µm 0,45µm to 10µm 0,5µm to 40µm 0,1µm to 100µm 5µm 3µm to 840µm 3µm to 840µm
Max. temp. 80°C 120°C 120°C 80°C 80°C 80°C 52°C 200°C 200°C
Food & Beverages