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Bag Filter Housing - 100-150 l/min

Billede: 2179   

The filter housings of the BFS series (size 3/4) are welded stainless steel constructions to the admission of a filter bag of the size 3 or. the size 4.
They exist of a vertical, cylindrical shell with welded boiler dished head and lid. The housing fastener occurs by means of instep clip which allows a quick filter change. The instep clip is fixed before introduction by a protection split pin, therefore the lid during of the filtration process cannot be opened uncontrollably. The filter bag is fixed in the housing by a down holder in his situation reliably and is sealed. The supporting basket from stainless steel provides for a support sure about pressure of the used filter bag.


Inlet- and Outlet connection (N1/N2) Rp 1 1/2" (DIN 2999 / BSP)
Vent, Pressure Gauge (N3) Rp 1/4" (DIN 2999 / BSP)
Material AISI 304
Gasket O-ring FPM
Max. Pressure 10 bar
Max. Temperature -10/+90




BFSD-3 Bagfilter Housing Size 3 - 1½"
BFSD-3 Bagfilter Housing Size 3 - 1½"
Item no:FU-518002040D
EUR 429,00EUR 429,00
BFSD-4 Bagfilter Housing Size 4 - 1½"
BFSD-4 Bagfilter Housing Size 4 - 1½"
Item no:FU-518001040D
EUR 453,00EUR 453,00