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Bag filter

Bag Filter

Ultra-Bag fully welded filter bags come in a variety of needle felt materials: polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PE) and Nylon (NMO).

All seams are welded, rather than sewn, and combined with our positive sealing cast bypass free (polypropylene or polyester) welded rings, no process liquid can bypass through the needle holes. Our monofilament mesh bags are constructed of individual, twisted threads are woven with evenly distributed holes for better strength, perfectly suitable for accurate screening, straining and classify.

Bag filters can allow particles between 1 to 1200 microns to get through the filter and there are many choices in between, it depends on what liquid you should filter.

All our bags are available with plastic collar, or with stainless steel ring.

Filter bags: A large surface offers a big flow and good dirt-holding capacity. Filter bags are relatively low retention-efficiency, but they are also cheap, disposable filters, and are often used as a coarse filter or pre-filter. They are avaialble in different materials and sizes. Filter bags can be replaced by high capacity bag-elements for a higher retention efficiency.

Basket Filter: A basket filter is a popular coarse filter. The filterbasket insert can be cleaned for loose particles and reused, and the filters are available in a large range of sizes and flow capacities. The surface area is good and allows a both dirt-holding capacity and the length of holding time to be reliable. Our basket filters are available for in-line installation or as tank truck filters.

Polypropylene bags Polyester bags Nylon bags
1-5-10-25-50-100-200 my 1-5-10-25-50-100-200 my 25-50-100-150-200-250-400-600-800-1200 my
Max. temperature 82°C Max. temperature 120°C Max. temperature 90°C


  Ultra-Bag Size 3 Ultra-Bag Size 4 Ultra-Bag Size 1 Ultra-Bag Size 2
Type/size size 3 (A) size 4 (B) size 1 (C) size 2 (D)
Length (cm) 25 40 45 85
Diameter (cm) 10 10 18 18
Flow (l/min) 100 150 380 680