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Micro-Klean D elements


Billede: 1786

Micro-Klean D Series cartridges, formerly known as Micro-Wynd, produced by an exclusive 3M purification process that combines 2 separate materials simultaneously on a common core.

The filtration medium is applied in blanket form, while the matrix is spirally wound under controlled tension to bind the media to the carpet in a fixed position.


• Formerly known as Micro-Wynd

• Polypropylene or cotton media

• Depth filtration media

• Available in cartridges from 10 "to 40"

• High temp. resistance (up to 121 ° C)

• Rated output 1 to 125 microns






Type Media material Core material Maximum temperature  Applications
PPP Polypropylene Polypropylene 80 °C (60 °C for double and tripple lengths)

Cartridge for applications involving strong acid, concentrated alkalis, strong oxidising and reducing agents, electroplating and other chemicals in aqueous solutions.

Not suitable for hydrocarbon type solvents such as Hexane, Naphtha, Petroleum, Ether

CCS Cotton 304 stainless steel 120 °C (100 °C for gases)

Proposed for general fluid applications.

CCT Cotton 316 stainless steel 120 °C (100 °C for gases)

Same applications as for the CCS but greater chemical resistance of the core to acids and alkalis.