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3M LifeAssure BNA


Billede: 2013

Controlling the spoilage microorganism population prior to packing is critical for many beverage processors. Eliminating these microorganisms, while keeping other  everage properties unchanged, is of vital importance. Of equal importance, however, is attaining long on-stream filter service life and driving down operating costs associated with filtration. 3M Purification has solved this demanding problem with the creation of the LifeASSURE BNA Series of filter cartridges.

LifeASSURE BNA Series filters, formerly known as BevASSURE PES, encompass new, leading-edge technologies that not only provide the highest degree of microorganism control, but do so in an extremely durable and long-lasting design.

LifeASSURE BNA filters employ a highly-asymmetric polyethersulfone (PES) membrane that delivers excellent spoilage microorganism retention while greatly minimising any organoleptic interference. This highly durable membrane/cartridge design withstands repeated exposure to hot water sanitation and steam sterilisation as well as common chemical cleaning and sanitising agents.

Complementing this high-performance membrane are 3M Purification’s Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) design and an upstream and downstream support design. All three work in concert to provide an increased flow rate at a lower pressure drop, resulting in smaller filter assemblies with extended service life and a lower overall operational costs.



LifeASSURE BNA 10" 0,45µm PES Code 7  BNA045F01BA
LifeASSURE BNA 10" 0,45µm PES Code 7 BNA045F01BA
Item no:7000029314
EUR 466,00EUR 466,00
LifeASSURE BNA 20" 0,45µm PES Code 7 BNA045F02BA
LifeASSURE BNA 20" 0,45µm PES Code 7 BNA045F02BA
Item no:7000029382
EUR 616,00EUR 616,00


Billede: 2014