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3M LifeAssure BLA


Billede: 2013

LifeASSURE BLA filter cartridges and capsules, formerly known as LifeASSURE FB, are 3M Purification’s advance in membrane filter technology.

Encompassing two leading-edge processes, FlexN membrane manufacture and APT (Advanced Pleat Technology) pleating construction, the LifeASSURE BLA series of filters offers unmatched protection of final membrane filters, as well as exceptionally long service life.

Designed with pleated Nylon 6,6 membrane in an all-polypropylene cartridge construction, LifeASSURE BLA filters are ideally suited for a wide range of filtration and clarification applications in the beverage industry.

Optimal System Performance
LifeASSURE filters can be used as either final filters for spoilage organism removal or as a prefilter. LifeASSURE BLA filters protect and extend the service life of 3M Purification‘s LifeASSURE BA, BNA and BDA final filter, as well as other membrane filters.

LifeASSURE BLA Filters will:
• Increase final filter life substantially, often by 10 times or more.
• Decrease filter change-outs, greatly reducing filter costs.
• Significantly reduce effluent microorganism content.



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Billede: 2014