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ZetaPlus LA filter series


Billede: 1943

Zeta Plus CA, SA, LA series filter media is specifically designed for processes that require a high degree of filtration and low extractable aluminum. The medium is made of inorganic filter aids, cationic resin and cellulose.

Grade choice

Zeta Plus CA, SA & LA series filter media is available in a wide range of grades and configurations. Mechanically straining capacity of each class are listed below.

It is intended as a guide to the nominal micron rating. Particles smaller than the nominal pore size can be removed by electro-kinetic adsorption. Actual operating conditions and the product to be treated will influence the absolute performance. The optimal filtration system for your application can be determined by on-site testing.




Pharmaceutical grade
Zeta Plus CA, SA & LA series filter material is made to the procedures described in 3M Purification's Drug Master Files on record with the FDA. They are non-toxic according to USP Class VI, "Biological Safety Test for Plastics", and meets the stringent requirements of the Drug Master File, including inspection and traceability.






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Billede: 1946