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ZetaPLus EZP filter serie


Billede: 1944

Zeta Plus Encapsulated System is a disposable depth filtration system designed to bioprocessing industry, where upstream cell culture clarification or downstream impurity reduction is required.


Zeta Plus Encapsulated System consists of two product lines. A small system that is ideal for laboratorio size production or upscale studies and a large system that is designed for production scale biomanufacturing. Each system consists of a filter holder, a set of upper and lower manifolds and a flexible range of capsule filters.


Zeta Plus Encapsulated System has an ergonomically designed large holder (Model 16EZB) that can be rotated between horizontal and vertical position, so convenient loading and unloading, minimal footprint during filtration, minimal fluid spillage during unloading and full use of the filter media.

Capsule design consists of a transparent plastic shell for easy reading of liquid level or an alkali-resistant plastic shell when using caustic solvents.

A selvguidende locking mechanism enables rapid and robust capsule-to-capsule connection and the industry-leading 3M Purification Zeta Plus EXT Series filter media provides superior filtration performance.




Zeta Plus EZP - System Holder - 16EZA1
Zeta Plus EZP - System Holder - 16EZA1
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