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Betapure BZ elements


Billede: 1790

With Beta Pure BK-Z8 continues 3M Purification one 95+ years long tradition of innovative and cost effective solutions for challenging industrial filtration needs.
Beta Pure BK-Z8 is an absolute rated, rigid (not compressible) resin bonded filter cartridge. Consistent quality and performance at absolute ratings from 5 to 70 microns, making Beta Pure BK-Z8 the clear choice in the confusing world of inseparable one cartridge filters.
consistent performance
The rigid structure that characterizes Beta Pure BK-Z8 provides consistent performance. Unlike many competing products, loses Beta Pure BK-Z8 no filtration efficiency throughout its useful life.
Life expectancy significantly increased
Beta Pure BK-Z8's stiff and ribbed structure increases filter life significantly compared to similar products.