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Billede: 2767 EU
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3M 740 series

Billede: 2589

The 3M High Flow Filter Cartridge, 740B which incorporates a radial pleat, puts an extraordinary amount of surface area into a single cartridge. This results in the following:


• High loading capacity for long life and lower cost filtration

• Fewer cartridges for fewer change-outs, thus less labour cost

• Fewer seals, reduced risk of by-pass, thus high quality

• Extremely low disposal costs, less than a tenth of some cartridges





3M High Capacity 744B, 5,00 µm 39"

EUR 537,00
Item no:E-7100018183

3M High Capacity 743B, 2,00 µm 39"

EUR 537,00
Item no:E-7100018178

3M High Capacity 742B, 1,00 µm 39"

EUR 537,00
Item no:E-7100018177

3M High Capacity 749B, 70,0 µm 39"

EUR 640,00
Item no:E-7100018339

3M High Capacity 748B, 40,0 µm 39"

EUR 640,00
Item no:E-7100018249

3M High Capacity 747B, 25,0 µm 39"

EUR 640,00
Item no:E-7100018248

3M High Capacity 746B, 15,0 µm 39"

EUR 640,00
Item no:E-7100017829

3M High Capacity 745B, 10,0 µm 39"

EUR 670,00
Item no:E-7100018184


Designed to fit in a range of vessels that holds from one to over 37 filters for a wide range of flow rates in competitively priced hardware. Double O-ring seals in a variety of material options means:


• Extremely low risk of by-pass for high quality fluids

• No loose parts to assemble for easy installation, thus less labour cost

• Also, no springs and caps to lose reduces the risk of by-pass

• Broad chemical compatibility for many applications


Meltblown FDA compliant polypropylene microfibre filter media provides high particle removal efficiency for high quality filtration with broad chemical compatibility. Convenient handle for easy manual or mechanical removal.

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