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Liquid Filtration

Væske Filtrering

Our range of products for liquid filtration and treatment contain a broad selection for almost any application. To make the usage of products transparent we have sorted our liquids filtration range in 3 main application groups: Industrial; Food and beverage suitable; and pharmaceutically suitable. This categorisation is based on the demand for documentation in each industry, and in all groups, we strive to deliver the best and most cost-effective filter to your needs.

Below the product groups under here, you will find a description for each group and a general table for what products are suitable in which of the application groups, industrial, F&B or pharmaceutical.

In each product group, you will find additional application descriptions and help to choose the right filtration degree and flow.


Our product groups for liquid filtration are:

Filter bags: A large surface offers a big flow and good dirt-holding capacity. Filter bags are relatively low retention-efficiency, but they are also cheap, disposable filters, and are often used as a coarse filter or pre-filter. They are avaialble in different materials and sizes. Filter bags can be replaced by high capacity bag-elements for a higher retention efficiency.

Depth filter: Depth filters are cheap and disposable. They are most often nominel rated filters with a high retention efficiency. They provide a good balance between dirt holding capacity and flow rate, and are used in all industries as pre-filters and sometimes as the primary filters. Depth filters are both melt-blown, spun, sintered and wounded filters.

Pleated filters: Pleated filters are often manufactured with an absolute retention rate and provide finer filtration degrees than depth filters or filter bags. The filters are usually primary filters, or often prefilters to membrane filters. Pleated filters allow good flow capacities at low differential pressures and can often be backwashed and sterilized for several uses.

Membrane filter: Membrane filters always have absolute retention rates to a much higher degree than pleated or depth filters. They are mostly used for sterile filtration, bacterial reduction or even finer filtration degrees. They offer the highest quality endfiltration at a low differential pressure. Most membranes can be backwashed and sterilized for several uses.

Mesh filter: A filter element in stainless steel can be used where the application needs an exceptionally durable filter, or where change out is so difficult, the filter must be optimized for the maximum number of backwashes and sterilizations. These filters are mostly used as a primary filter, or as assurance filter.

High Flow filter: One of the most used primary filters for inlet or mainline filtration are high flow cartridges. A single high flow cartridge offers a great flow rate, as well as easy and fast filter exchange. The cartridge has a considerable surface area, assuring high dirt-holding capacity and less frequent filter changes. The retention rate is a high nominal efficiency which secures a uniform result every time.

Basket Filter: A basket filter is a popular coarse filter. The filterbasket insert can be cleaned for loose particles and reused, and the filters are available in a large range of sizes and flow capacities. The surface area is good and allows a both dirt-holding capacity and the length of holding time to be reliable. Our basket filters are available for in-line installation or as tank truck filters.

UV Disinfection: UV light is most commonly used to disnfect water or clear liquid from microbiological growths, such as bacteria. This prevents further infection and bacterial propagation in the proces after the UV light. UV disinfection is used in many appliation and our range is available in stainless steel or polypropylene housings.

Bag Filter Housings: Filter housings from ultrafilter and 3M for use with bagfilters and bagfilter elements. Our bagfilter housings are manufactured in stainless steel or acid-proof stainless steel, and handle liquid flow from 4 m³/hour to 81 m³/hour. Bagfilter housings can be used with filter bags, high capacity bag elements, magnet inserts, differential pressure gauges and much more.

Cartridge filter housing – Single: All types of filter housings for single cartridge use. We offer a range of filter housings in stainless steel, acid-proof stainless steel or polypropylene. A single filter element allows up to 4,5 m³/hour flow.

Cartrudge filter housing – Multi: Filter housings from ultrafilter and 3M for use with several filter cartridges pr. Filter housing. Our filter housings are manufactured in stainless steel or acid-proof stainless steel. We have filter housings available for depth filters, pleated filters or membrane filters.

Steam filter: Steam filtration of the highest quality and reliability for each industry. Steam is ofen filteret through a depth filter in stainless steel, or through a membrane filters for a few applications. Ultrafilter has produced and supplied steam filters for any industry for many years.

3M Filters: Here you will find all liquid filtration products from 3M in one place. 3M products from other categories will also be visible in their respective product group.