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Liquid Filtration - with efficiency and documentation in foc

We have previously written about Ultrafilters replacement elements for a wide variety of fluid filter brands including Pall, Parker and Sartorius, but with known Porvair we also offer an original solution with high efficiency and proper documentation.
The use of fluids to process or production a number of requirements for purity, safety and used materials mm., And especially the food industry has always marked the high requirements to minimize the risk of unwanted particles or bacteria in the product and machinery.  

Filtration is one of the mentioned typical requirements, because it is appropriate for the most serious process lines, for example, where one can remove loose sand with a coarse pre-filter without affecting the water further.  
Is the water to the drinking water or bottled water, it is common to follow the pre-filter - which is most often the rated efficiency, with an absolute filter is guaranteed to remove unwanted particles or germ-reducing function. 

Should the liquid is filtered for food, dairy or pharmaceutical use may also be a need for a membrane filtration line, and the coarse prefilter may also be necessary to have the absolute effectiveness, and particularly in this field, we have the right solutions, for example. our own sanitary   PF-EG houses   with an absolute Tekfil pre-filter, an absolute filter Klearfil of 0.5 microns in order to protect the membrane, which could be a Aquafil or Biofil. All said elements are Porvair and can be delivered by almost any connection in order to fit into your existing filter housing, or they can be provided with our   own filter housings. 

See our original process elements   defined nominal   or   absolutely   efficiency, or see the first line of our  compensation elements for this process. 
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