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Liquid filters for high temperatures

We have from November 1 this year decided to expand our selection with Spectrum spun "Wound" series. The filters are spun liquid filters of cotton with a stainless steel core to strong and resistant filters.
 Especially for district heating and other energy production but also food, we have been looking for a product that could be ensured at high temperatures and with a tolerance of 120ºC is Spectrums wound Series is strong bid. 

The cotton is spun on a stainless steel core (AISI 304L) to ensure member against collapse under pressure variations, and also of the material does not give in to the higher temperature.  

Spun filters are often used by heat and power plants for process filtration, but also food uses these to the filter and remove particles of a desired size. The filters are nominal, and can be provided as low as 1 micron or up to 100 microns in 4 standard lengths. 

The filters are FDA approved, and the materials are suitable for food production, see. EC 1935/2004. 

See our strong   intro offer here   or see our full range of   liquid filters here. You can also contact us by e-mail:   info@ultra-filter.com   or phone +45 82 3030 20th 

The filters it fits tii 3M's DS series, as we always have in stock.