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Oxygen PSA Generator (O2)

Modular Oxygen Generator

The air around us is composed of nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%) and little else. Therefore, it may be economically advantageous to recover oxygen itself.

Oxygen generator is a modular system that could easily be increased as necessary. Of oxygen purity are constantly checked by a highly precise analyzer, and you can choose between a purity of 90% or 95%.
The generator can supply oxygen to aquaculture, welding, soldering, ceramics, glass production and so on. When oxygen generator is certified as Class IIB medical devices directive 93/42 / CE, it is also suitable for use in the health sector.


Ultra-Gen OS-8 Oxygen PSA Generator
Ultra-Gen OS-8 Oxygen PSA Generator
Item no:UGOS008
EUR 16.760,00EUR 16.760,00
Ultra-Gen OS-16 Oxygen PSA Generator
Ultra-Gen OS-16 Oxygen PSA Generator
Item no:UGOS016
EUR 20.533,00EUR 20.533,00
Ultra-Gen OS-24 Oxygen PSA Generator
Ultra-Gen OS-24 Oxygen PSA Generator
Item no:UGOS024
EUR 24.814,00EUR 24.814,00
Ultra-Gen OS-32 Oxygen PSA Generator
Ultra-Gen OS-32 Oxygen PSA Generator
Item no:UGOS032
EUR 29.254,00EUR 29.254,00
Ultra-Gen OS-40 Oxygen PSA Generator
Ultra-Gen OS-40 Oxygen PSA Generator
Item no:UGOS040
EUR 33.852,00EUR 33.852,00
Ultra-Gen OS-48 Oxygen PSA Generator
Ultra-Gen OS-48 Oxygen PSA Generator
Item no:UGOS048
EUR 38.212,00EUR 38.212,00



Teknisk data


PSA Generator

Oxygen Production Flow (Nm³/h)





90 vol.%

93 vol.%

95 vol.%

OS-8 2,6 2,6 2,5 560 780 1.672 306
OS-16 5,3 5,2 5,1 560 1.048 1.672 457
OS-24 8,0 7,8 7,6 560 1.316 1.672 609
OS-32 10,6 10,3 10,1 560 1.584 1.672 760
OS-40 13,1 12,8 12,5 560 1.852 1.672 912
OS-48 15,6 15,1 14,9 560 2.120 1.672 1.063

Table toe end of the flow can easily be doubled or even tripled in the case of a combination of one or two parallel dual master unit to the Bank .



Other data


Feed Air Pressure = 7,5 bar(g)

Oxygen Discharge Pressure = 6,0 bar(g) / 87 psig

Oxygen Dew Point = -40 °C


Produce your own oxygen and get great benefits and savings with one of our generators

What Oxygen can be used for, there are examples of that below


Bicycle Manufacturing - Bicycle framebuilding is made by assembling pipes through a welding and or brazing process. The most efficient and cost effective method is that of propane/oxygen brazing .


Copper Mining  - The dried copper concentrate is fed into a furnace with oxygen. This melting process separates the slag from the molten copper which is then additionally refined.


Disaster Management  - In case of infrastructure breakdown oxygen can no longer be delivered. Under these circumstances an on-site medical oxygen generator is the only reliable source.


Field Hospitals  - Oxygen supply in remote locations and in lacking or total absance of any infrastructure is automatically related to on-site Oxgyen generators. Containerized Medical Oxygen Generators are the ideal solution.


Fish Farms / Aquaculture  - Fish hatcheris are well aware of the benefits of oxygen on fish health, fish growth and fish density maximizing. For remotely located fishfarms, oxygen on-site production is an indispensable oxygen source.


Glass Blowing  - Glassblowers produce anything from medical and labor glass, to Christmas ornaments, to glass jewelry and light bulbs. Oxygen is used as comburent gas on the glass blowing torches.


Gold Leaching  - Intensive cyanidation leaching has been used commercially for the treatment of gravity concentrates containing coarse gold. The leaching kinetics are increased by increasing cyanide and oxygen concentrations.


Medical Oxygen - Medical Devices classified PSA Oxygen Generators are providing life-saving, medical grade breathing O2  for hospitals and shelters, as a safe alternative to oxygen from gas suppliers.


Metal Furnitures Manufacturing  - To manufacture metal furnitures oxyacetylene braze welding with copper alloy filler rods and fluxes enable the joining of many base metals. This application is especially useful to join steel and cast iron.

Mobile Medical Unit  - Mobile Medical Device certified PSA O2  generators provide life-saving, medical grade breathing O2  for hospitals and shelters.


Neon Light Manufacturing  - To bend the neon light tubes to the desired shape, they have to be heated by means of a flame from an oxygen fed torch.


Ozone Generating - Most Ozone (O3 ) generators produce this gas out of compressed air. By using oxygen (O2 ) as feedgas instead of air, the ozone generator efficiency is significantly increased.


Oxy-acethylene Brazing  - Brazing is a process that is well matched for PSA generated oxgen thus avoiding the us of oxygen in cylinders and relevant dangerous cylinder handling. The ratio of oxygen  to acetylene should always be two to one.


Oxygen Lancing - During oxygen lancing process, a pipe pumping oxygen is used to clear slag near the outlet of the smelter vessel, so that liquid iron can flow freely.


Sewage Treatment - Injecting oxygen into treatment basins increases highly bacteriological survival and regeneration. The aerobics are well protected by using supplemental O2  to keep PPM at high level.


Veterinarians  - Medical Oxygen with a purity of 95% is used either during and after surgical procedures.


Waste Water Treatment  - Oxygen is injected into water treatment ponds for aerobic biological treatment, for hydrogen sulphide control and for ferrous & manganese precipitation.


Wellness  - Beauty Farms and Wellness Centers nowadays use oxygen for a number of different applications/treatments with the aimed to increase people’s wellness.