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Mobile Oxygen Generator

Modular Oxygen Generator

Forget high pressure cylinders and liquid oxygen deliveries, Ultrafilter has designed OXYModul, a compact and mobile oxygen generator, producing and delivering, on site 10 to 20 l/min of oxygen 93% at 3,8 bar.

With this user friendly device based on PSA technology, become your own supplier of oxygen, from an unlimited, universal and free raw material, air.

Our OXY module is particularly suitable for e.g. the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.

OXYModul 10 CE Medical 10 l/min@3,83,8 bar 93%
OXYModul 10 CE Medical 10 l/min@3,83,8 bar 93%
Item no:OX10MODMED
EUR 12.557,00EUR 12.557,00
OXYModul 10 Veterinary 10 l/min@3,8 bar 93%
OXYModul 10 Veterinary 10 l/min@3,8 bar 93%
Item no:OX10MODVET
EUR 16.455,00EUR 16.455,00
OXYModul 20 Medical 20 l/min@3,8 bar 93%
OXYModul 20 Medical 20 l/min@3,8 bar 93%
Item no:OX20MODMED
EUR 20.067,00EUR 20.067,00
OXYModul 20 Veterinary 20 l/min@3,8 bar 93%
OXYModul 20 Veterinary 20 l/min@3,8 bar 93%
Item no:OX20MODVET
EUR 21.984,00EUR 21.984,00

Ultrafilter OxyModul is an all-inclusive oxygen generator based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology.
It is ready to be connected to the power supply and works with the ON / OFF switch in fully automatic mode. This system is easy to operate and is an ideal alternative to oxygen cylinders.

It can be connected directly to an anesthesia machine and recovery ventilator through an oxygen outlet on the front panel or used as the main oxygen supply to health facilities.
OxyModul is also suitable for delivering medical oxygen to multiple patients under oxygen therapy.

Medical quality:

OxyModul generators are CE marked as medical devices, class llb and comply with all medical oxygen standards and regulations: ISO 10083, ISO 7396-1, oxygen 93% * Monograph by European and United States Pharmacopeias, HTM 02-01.


      - Smaller health facilities.
      - Facilities without pipe system.
      - Anesthesia and recovery ventilators.

Operating conditions and maintenance:

Maintaining the OxyModule is quite simple. It requires replacement of filter 1-2 times a year.
The generator must be placed indoors at a room temperature between + 5 ° and + 35 ° and should not be exposed to impurities such as rain, sand and heavy dust.
Compliance with the operating conditions guarantees the OxyModule optimal performance and service life.

Dimensions & Weight
Length Width Height Weight
42 cm 40 cm 106cm 60kg

Technical Data
Maximum Flow 600 l/h
Outlet Pressure 3,8bar
Power Supply 230 V - 50 Hz / 5A
Sound Level 58 dB (A)
Gas Outlet Connection inside 4 mm -  outside 6 mm
Fron Oxygen Outlet NF - BS or DIN standards upon request
Yearly regular maintenance Replacement of suction and antibacterial oxygen filter

Oxygen Quality
Concentration 93% +/- 3%
Dew Point <-50 c="" 67="" ppm="" td="">
CO < 2 ppm
CO2 < 150 ppm
SO2 0 ppm
NO2 0 ppm
Oil < 0,1 mg / m³