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Gas Filtration


Ultrafilter has one of the best solutions for producing nitrogen and oxygen

Ultrafilter offers highly economical nitrogen generators and systems from small nitrogen generator units to large nitrogen generator units, suitable for refining, chemical processing and other applications.

Low investment costs and low energy consumption are the advantages of our nitrogen generators.



Ultrafilter Nitrogen Generators is a modular system that can be increased as needed and with the option of built-in (O2) oxygen meter.

The system works by PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption). High reliability, low operating costs and long service life, combined with good service, make our plants chosen by more and more customers.

PSA process utilizes CMS (carbon molecular sieve) instead of the zeolite. Because of the adsorptive properties, which are used by CMS Special treated, it is possible to produce nitrogen with 2 adsorption tower and compressed air.



• We offer modular PSA plant which can be expanded by increased demand for nitrogen
• The reliability of operation outstanding (low annual service charges)
• High efficiency (Air / N2)
• PLC control (standard simens )
• Small footprint
• Your own independent supply of nitrogen on site and liberation from the ever escalating costs of nitrogen from industrial gas suppliers
• Savings of over 50% compared to the industrial gas suppliers
• Option: Built-O2 (oxygern) gauge, with the lives of over four years without the need for calibration
• Danish manual and specifications
• Purities from 3% to 99.999% (10 ppm oxygen)
• Remote monitoring and control
• Expected life of the facility in over 10 years

Here you can read our Standards Guides