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Filters are forever

Billede: 2631

"Diamonds are forever" is an iconic spy film, but also a common expression all over the world, and although nothing - not even diamonds - really lasts forever, our P-SM metal mesh filters come very close.

The actual life of a filter depends on many things, such as the aggressiveness of the filtered media, the handling and of course the losses and blows of damage during replacement and handling. But with a metal mesh filter, you get as close to an imperishable filter as is possible with this type of equipment. The filter can be regenerated at least 1000 times, with CIP, autoclave or ultrasonic bath, depending on the filtered medium.

Our mesh filters are delivered as standard in 316L stainless steel, and are available for our own filter housings, as well as retrofit for all major manufacturers. Ask for the large selection of applications, O-rings and even filter type and connection.
As a filter housing, we recommend the use of our single- or multi-element filter housings, which are easily selected according to capacity, connection and material.

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