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Filter housing for all tasks - read how

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Although filter tasks have a very different nature, you can easily identify several needs and tasks with the same filter housing. Read for example about the smart AcuraLine BFOS here:

The food industry has many challenges with liquid filtration. Each task may require a particular degree of filtration or efficiency, and the quantity, as well as the medium itself, may change on an ongoing basis. We know several tasks where the same product changes depending on where in the process filtration takes place - filtration of ingredient water, early mixtures, or all the way to the final product. We know i.a. these principles from brewery and dairy companies, where flexible solutions in the long run can save a lot of money in the purchase of equipment, as well as space in the production area.

That is why we are also particularly pleased to announce our new filter housing, the German-produced bag filter housing AcuraLine BFOS. The filter housing is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and comes with flanges or threaded connections in 2 ”thickness. The filter housing is widely usable, with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar and a variable temperature tolerance of 80ºC at maximum pressure. The filter housing stands out in particular in that the standard model is delivered with a strong lid, which is closed with bolts, to ensure personnel and equipment when changing filters. The filter housing also has a built-in pressure plate, which holds filter bags in place and secures the task against involuntary bypass.

In this way, a higher efficiency is ensured in relation to the selected degree of filtration. If you want a higher efficiency, the BFOS housing can advantageously be modified with an AE adapter, which replaces the bag basket and allows the filter housing to function as an absolute filter in the High Capacity category. This means that you can maintain a high flow of up to 600 liters / minute, but filter in an absolute degree of efficiency. The filter housing is very flexible and also has the option of mounting a magnet that can be combined with a filter bag to remove metal residues without risk of bursting of the filter bag, depth filters can be installed with a lower flow to provide higher efficiency, but still cost-conscious inserts, and finally the filter housing has the option of mounting a manometer to measure differential pressure, and the entire setup can be delivered in a double construction that allows double flow through, as with a single high flow filter housing - but at a fraction of the price.