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Filter bags for food and general industry

We stock and sell food grade filter bags to the market's best prices. Buy individually or crates directly from our own stock of polypropylene bags.
Picture: 2487Liquid filter bags with a depth filter principle in the material polypropylene is one of the cheapest and most easily manageable solutions for liquid filtration, where there is a large flow or a large dust content that clog other types of filter. 

In the industrial solutions and energy production used bag filters to includecoolant and process water, as a general filtering because the pouches may contain large amounts of impurities from the liquid. 

3M   polypropylene bags   is also approved for food, and in the production of food or drinks, the filter is a very cheap pre-filter to protect the finer filters or machines. 

Browse   filter bags here   or   filter housings for these here. You can also contact us by e-mail:   info@ultra-filter.com   or phone +45 82 30 30 20.