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Crystal Salt - What Are The Benefits?


Why choose Crystal Salt over other types of salt for your softener?

Once you have made the right choice and have chosen a Smartflow Softener, why not continue with the good decisions and choose something that Smartflow loves ?! Namely crystal salt!

Crystal salt from Soft-Sel is very finely refined salt and has been developed especially for softening both ordinary. drinking water but also water used in the food industry. If the water comes through a softener with crystal salt, then there is a guarantee that your household appliances will dance on the kitchen table with joy!

The chemical specification of crystal salt: NaCl ≥ 99.8% - H2O <0.1% - Ca <0.06% - Mg ≤ 0.03%.


The benefits of crystal salt

In relation to salttabs that several people use, crystal salt excels in many respects. Compared to normal salttabs, then it is worth noting these benefits:

  • High purity
  • No additives
  • Clear salt water
  • Long service life of the softener
  • European standard EN973A
  • Better solubility and longevity in use
  • The production process is more sustainable

    The shape of the crystal salt is also instrumental in avoiding clumping and sedimentation.

Resin Clean

If you have currently made the active choice to switch to crystal salt, then you should consider resin cleaner, to take extra good care of your new softener.

Resin cleaner is a cleaning product for the ion exchange resin in softeners that are regenerated with salt. In other words, an essential part of the maintenance of your resin and the softener itself.


At Ultrafilter Scandinavia - you can get salt for short and long periods. We sell both single bags and whole pallets - depending on what suits the customer's needs.

When ordering Crystal Salt from Ultrafilter Scandinavia, you are in safe hands.

Are you still in doubt about whether you should choose crystal salt over e.g. salt loss? Then give us a call on Tel. +45 82 30 30 20 or send an email to info@ultra-filter.com and we will guide you the last piece.