Condensate Treatment for all brands

Condensate is removed from a compressed air system with a drain or more. Thereafter it through an oil-water separator, as damaging oil is not poured away, but instead absorbed into the separator efforts.

We have supplied both sinks and oil-water separators, but we know that there are many brands separators on the market, and therefore we have on our website collected a number of initiatives that fit in an even wider range separatormærker because many of these are produced by same drawing or principle. We have initiatives to Zander, Kaeser, Ecoair, Atlas Copco and even more, as you can see on our website here.

Your condensate depends most of your compressor, and the lubricant used in this, and if you are unsure whether you need a special type of absorbent in the separator, we also offer a test kit, so you can type you have need.

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